Vision & Mission

Every venture and practice in this college embodies the goal and vision i.e. bringing college education within the reach of the common man and woman and therefore is witness to AWARENESS to the emerging needs and challenges of the times.

The Vision of the College is as follows:

"To develop competent students by imparting value based quality education with a Commitment to their ethical and multidimensional development which will contribute Towards their social and financial well-being"

The College has endeared the following Mission Statements:

  • To cater the academic and professional aspirations of the students
  • To develop the students to use their head, hand and heart in balanced fashion
  • Development of scientific attitude
  • Eco-mission for sustainable development
  • Social concretization for holistic activism
  • Building youth through value-based education
  • To cater to the core needs of the marginalized students to uphold social equality